• Strange Calls to the Bookstore #1

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    (Answering phone at the bookshop)

    Iliad Bookshop!

    (long pause) Is this the Iliad Bookshop?

    Yes, this is the Iliad Bookshop.

    Do you have rare books there?

    Yes, we have rare books. What are you looking for?


    What book are you looking for? Do you know the title and author?

    It's "Trader Vic's Bartending Guide"

    (Looks in the Bartending section. Comes back to phone)

    We don't have a copy of that book right now. I've seen it here before , but it's a hard one to find.


    It's a hard book to find.

    But I thought you said you had rare books!

    We do. But we don't have that one. Do you have access to the internet? You could try abebooks.com they...

    Aw, I don't like that stuff.

    Well, you'll just have to call around to different bookstores. You could call...

    That's what I've been doing!

    I don't know what to tell you. You'll just have to call some other stores to see if they have a copy. I can give you...

    Naw, never mind. (Hangs up)

    You're welcome.
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