• The Mysterious Visitor at Poe's Grave

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    I Missed noting the birthday of
    Edgar Allan Poe yesterday (January 19th, 1809). I'm always late for birthdays....

    Mr. Poe is one of my favorite authors. I regularly re-read his stories (Hop-Frog being one of my favorites, along with William Wilson). I also love to read about his life and times. The Kenneth Silverman biography, "Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance" is about as good as it gets in literary biography. Very well written and yet highly detailed biography that covers the era he lived in as well as Poe's life. A superb portrait of a sad, but brilliant writer.

    Interesting story of a mysterious figure (apparently called the "Poe Toaster") who appears at Poe's grave every Jan 19th to leave flowers and cognac. CNN has a good account. Apparently, this person has been leaving flowers since 1949! Amazing.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe..
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