• Vintage Paperback Covers

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    Here are a few recent additions to my growing vintage paperback collection. These came into the Iliad Bookshop today and caught my eye. (Note: you can click on the image for the original size which is quite large). All of my book covers are available on the Booklad "Book Covers" page.

    Lancer Books 74627-075 (1970)

    Airmont (1964)

    Pyramid Books R-1170 (1965)
    Cover painting by Jack Gaughan

    Lancer Books 75346-095 (1968)

    Pyramid Books F-794 (1962)

    Daw Books No. 206 (1976) Cover art by Deane Cate

    Monarch Books 297 (1963) Cover by Ralph Brillhart

    Zenith Books ZB-14 (1959)