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    I've embarked on a quest this year to read more and write as often as I can about what I read. With a homepage redesign, I feel invigorated and ready to go. But I've got too many books! How can I read all of the ones I want to?

    Ah, well, not such a bad situation to be in. To be surrounded by books as I am when I read, is a wonderful feeling. I read mostly in-bed or on my couch. But I also have a nice reading chair that Lisa gave me several Xmas's a go which I especially enjoy using in the morning when the light shines in through our bedroom window. I've just re-arranged my books in this bookcase (we have about 8 large bookcases in our apartment) and have been reading non-stop since early January.

    At present I'm finishing up my 2nd Stanislaw Lem book with dips into James Gunn's very intense The Toy Collector. I'll be reviewing all three books in the coming days.

    In addition to offering reviews, essays and bookstore news, I plan on reading aloud from several books and posting short pieces here. So stay tuned!

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