• Make Your Own Public Domain Audiobook

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    Xeni Jardin, over at NPR (National Public Radio), has an interesting post about a website devoted to public doman audiobooks. Apparently, at LibriVox.com you can volunteer to record yourself reading aloud public domain books, short stories or poems, send it to their site and they will make it available free to the general public. The site is well-organized, the forums are active, and the list of books is very interesting. While I'm not a huge fan of audio books (they tend to substitute for reading), I do like to listen to them from time to time. If you've got that favorite public domain classic novel or short story, why not head over to their site and see how to get started. Be sure to read their informative FAQ. I'm thinking of doing Edward Bellamy's "Looking Backward" or William Godwin's "Caleb Williams". Any other suggestions? Remember, it the book has to be in the public domain.
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